Lip Products !

17 Feb

So I decided to take a trip to my local Walmart down the street from my house. While i was there i couldnt help but to pick up a few lip items that i cant live without.

Carmax is one of the few products i cant ive without. Its very moisturizing to the lips and it even comes in a cherry flavor. I like that it comes in a cherry flavor because i dont like the smell of the original one. But anyway, this lip balm lasts a long time and reaaly works if you have dry or chapped lips.

Maybelline Shinesensational Lipglosses are AMAZINING ! When i first bought this product, i didnt think that id like it very much. but i was proven wrong. i love that these have a very nice color payoff and the color are very true. they arent too sheer. i also like that they smell really nice, almost like bubblegum.

I also decided to pick up a Revlon lipstick. Revlon is known for being very comparable to department store brands. Even though they can be a little pricy for a drugstore brand, its worth the money. the color that i chose was Primrose. Its a light pink and when i seen it in the tube, i immediately though of the Pink Friday lipstick from the Nicki Minaj collection in M.A.C Cosmmetcis. This color had blue undertones and would wonderful with a smokey eye. 


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